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Stickers square

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Stickers round
Dimensions are in centimeters
Dimensions are in centimeters
Width: m
Heigh: m
Flag pole:
Banderii, printed
Price per item:
42.00 PLN
Price Includes 23% VAT
Total price:
42.00 PLN
Price Includes 23% VAT
Your information for production:
File rights
Production time maximum14 days
Banderii, printed
We print in high resolution
Better file you give, better print you get
Whenever is possible we improve files quality before print, but it is not always possible
If you require graphics assistance, please write at, we will help with lowest fare possible
If you have problem with file upload (i.e. vector file) send it to
Sticks are sold separately
Fire retardant with B1
To each flag we attach paper certificate
Made of thick, canvas, polyester
Other size is blank
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